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What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

$100 Note

I found a link to a visual representation of a Trillion dollars.

We have heard that figure tossed around alot lately but what does it look like?

You WILL be amazed, I promise.

There is a popup ad that tries to appear when this opens, but I detected nothing malicious about it.

See it at …

After I looked at the pictures, I remembered how very powerful images are.  Our blogs should regularly include pictures, video and sound to be most effective.


Ideas. Ideas! Ideas?

I’ve spent the last week checking out scores of blogs created by other people in John Thornhill’s Master Class.  We are six weeks into our training.

All the blogs look top notch which is quite an accomplishment, since many of us were not very advanced in our development skills.

I really like the approach John is taking to the training.  I especially like that he is preaching what he is practicing.  You can see all the things he teaches used right on his sites.

My biggest challenge has been actually posting.  This is partly a dearth of ideas and partly a lack of confidence to post what I think MIGHT be a good idea.

John has said that at this point he just wants us posting to get used to the idea of posting.  I am one of th0se who always wants to wait for perfection.  I have to break that habit.

Seeing other class members getting their posts out regularly will be a motivation.  Realizing that there are people who would like to see new content from me will be further motivation.

This will be a good week.


My 1st Webinar

My internet marketing coach, John Thornhill, held a Webinar today. It was a first for me. Had to go to Walmart for headphone and microphone. Amazing what technology has become. Dozens of us sharing questions and comments. Do people still travel for meetings? I can’t imagine why.

Giving Back – St. Baldricks

Raising money for a cause is a very challenging task.  Especially when an effort becomes “corporate” it is hard to maintain the passion necessary to keep up the good work.

I am a fan of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Their focus is funds for research of childhood cancer.  Each St. Patrick’s Day thousands of supporters line up to have their heads shaved for the cause.  The money raised and the awareness it brings is tremendous.

I’m a fan because of their ability to raise the bar each year.  More participants.  More publicity.  More good being done.  In the last 10 years more than $50 million has been raised and it’s bigger every year.

This 3 minute video (while a tear jerker) explains the importance of what is being done.  Wait for the ending…Aiden is adorable.

For more info on St Baldricks visit

Soul Searching

I wonder if there is a good book out there about soul searching?

We all do it, right?

I’ve spent the last month or so evaluating where I’m at in my life and realize now that the time has been largely wasted, because I didn’t have a defined process for the searching.

Gonna have a look around for tips on this topic.  Let me know if you find any.

Cheers. Victor Paul.

Mulligan. Let’s try this Again.

I’m not a golfer, but would appreciate the opportunity for a mulligan.  A do-over.  Press Restart.

Several months ago I began what I thought would be a continuing journey toward becoming a full time internet marketer.  I started with a head of steam and when the steam was gone I was done.

Instead of changing my goals or finding something new to do, I’m going to admit my “failures” and begin again.  I’ll take what I learned about myself and this challenge and make a better go of it.

I hope my story helps some of my online friends on their journey also.

Victor Paul

A Holiday Break versus Holiday Craziness

Now that the holidays have passed, I realize that like most years I’ve let a good number of things slip.

It’s like this every year.  From Thanksgiving till after New Year certain things just don’t get done at work and home.  There is too much to do.  Too many once a year opportunities.  Too much fun to be had.

Then comes the first week of the new year and I bemoan the fact that so much has been left unattended.

How much better it would have been to have declared in mid-November that I was taking a Holiday Break from those tasks.  Then I could have enjoyed the freedom my declaration created instead of regretting the void left by so many things undone.

So well in advance, I am announcing that next December I am taking a Holiday Break and regular activities will resume early in January.  Already I feel better about all the things that will find themselves ignored.

Everyone’s an Expert

As I’ve bounced around the web looking for information on blogging, I have been taken aback by the abundance of “experts.”  For every question, there are 1000 experts ready to respond.  Most of them fall into one of two categories.

Posers who hide behind fake credentials, bogus stats and a pretty blog or website that oftentimes contains out of date and useless info.

Profiteers who are adept at giving just enough info to get the masses to part with their money for the Holy Grail.  Of course, the Holy Grail is made of tin and the purchaser is left feeling cheated.

My goal is to provide top quality info that leaves people feeling that they got far more than they paid for.  A true win-win.  Not to many role models to follow in that area.  Fortunately my coach, John Thornhill, is one of them.  I hope to shine even a fraction as much as he has.

Time to Forget Everything I Know?

I really thought I was prepared for this online adventure.  I’ve had operations experience, marketing experience, even IT experience.  I’ve been pretty successful in what I’ve done.

On one hand, none of that prepared me for what it will take to launch a successful internet info business.  I hate to say I could just threw money at problems in the past, but it sure seems that simple now.

On the other hand, what I have learned over the years has taught me EVERYTHING I need to know.


All the contacts, tools and tricks are worthless.  But I HAVE honed the one key skill.  I am extremely coachable.  I know when I don’t know and don’t mind admitting it.

I’ve spent the last week connecting with some of the best minds online.  In the coming weeks I will be soaking up and applying all the best techniques from all the best mentors. 

As I dig myself out of the avalanche of information, I’ll use this space to distill and share what I’ve learned.

Can’t Focus? Have a Plan.

I am one of those folks who struggle mightily with concentrating on the task at hand.  One bit of advice that I am reminded of is the importance of having goals and a plan to meet them.

Have a Plan. It pays to plan what I am intending to do before I do it.  I need to decide what I want to do with the next 10 minutes or hour or day.  Without a goal, it is too easy for my mind to be bouncing around.  Working with a purpose prevents all those nagging thoughts and time wasting activities from killing my productivity.

So next time I sit down, I’ll remember to define what I want to do and put my mind to it.